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How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Select the perfect kitchen backsplash

Welcome to my blog! I hope the "Best Kept Secrets of Design" will encourage you to continue to reinvent your space, be able to answer your design questions, or simply inspire you.

By Ann Schamberger

"A kitchen is a more than a room. It is the place where the artistry of the love is often displayed by the sweet scent of homemade cookies lingering in the air."- Ann S.

Kitchens are the center of the home. It is the area family and friends tend to linger. It is the place creations transpire and ingredients come together to nourish the human spirit.

Start By Gathering Images

There are many selections to choose from when #remodeling your #kitchen. Floor tile, countertop, cabinets, color and backsplash are just to name a few. Before making any selections, first gather images of kitchens you like off of #Pinterest, #Houzz, or from magazines. Start comparing the images. What do each of the kitchens have in common? Is there a main theme among them? Perhaps you are drawn to an all white kitchen or love the natural wood butcher top counter. Whatever inspires you, make note of it.

Identify the Focal Point

The best designed rooms have one focal point. And a kitchen is no exception. However, if each item became the "star" in the space, the common eye will be overwhelmed. I think we can all remember a time when we walked into a kitchen and the countertop was heavily marbled while the backsplash was a kaleidoscope of mosaic tiles. This is the look and feel to avoid.

Tile Backsplash As the Focal Point?

Many kitchen designs will utilize #backsplash as a focal point. And why not? With so many unique tile options on the market you can easily create a WOW factor in your kitchen with the right tile. If this is the look you are trying to achieve, avoid installing a heavily patterned floor or marbleized countertop. They will end up competing for attention.

Love a Natural Stone Countertop?

If you love the beauty of a natural #marble stone or #granite and are going to use it as a kitchen countertop then look for a backsplash that is simple in color and shape. Anything else will be a distraction. Popular backsplash choices include white #subway tile, large hexagonal shapes, or a single colored herringbone pattern.

Not sure where to start on your kitchen remodel? Then contact us! We will be happy to schedule a consultation and answer your most difficult questions.


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