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Utilize multifunctional furniture

Nesting tables are one of my favorite pieces of furniture. They provide extra surface space when entertaining and look fantastic when stacked one underneath the other. Arteriors Home Knight Nesting Tables are stunning and are available in both a large and small size. A console table placed behind a sofa can be utilized in a variety of ways. One of my favorite ways to utilize a console table is to create a bar area when entertaining. Wine, liquor, glasses, and bar accessories can be stored in the console for easy set up. And if you love Irish whiskey you must try Old Tom Horan Irish Whiskey! This whiskey is so delicious that is it often sold out. You can find it at Spec’s. Tom Horan is a Houston Icon and a dear friend of mine.

Make the most of the vertical space

Lofts are known for their open floor plan and high ceilings. Bookcases are ideal for providing storage and places to display favorite pieces of art or accessories. Select bookcases that can be stacked, hung on the wall, or serve as a room divider. IKEA has many affordable options. There is no end to the way they can be arranged! Ikea Hack is a popular search engine that provides abundant ideas as to how to utilize their bookcases. I have used the Billy Shelving as a room divider to separate my son’s desk/study area from his bedroom. It allowed for the space to stay visually connected while providing a place for books and trophies to be displayed. Ann P. Brennan Interior Design utilized the Billy Shelving in a Houston lawyers office to provide places for books and personal memorabilia. We also used the same shelving as planters in the office. With a wide variety of options, finishes, and conservative price point you just can’t go wrong with shelving from IKEA to make the most of the vertical space.

Soften the surroundings

With an abundance of hard services (cement floors, brick walls, quartz countertops, windows, etc.) lofts need to add another element to the mix. Curtain panels are an ideal solution. Curtain panels will not only visually soften the space but will help absorb the echoes of the hard surfaces. Stationary panels are all that is needed and are more cost effective than ones that can be drawn closed. Most home stores carry curtain panels in the standard 84” and 95” lengths. West Elm has a huge selection. Check out their Belgium Flax panels. This style comes in a variety of colors and lengths. What’s most impressive is that they offer panels up to 124” in height, which is rare for pre-made panels.

If you have a high ceiling you need to consider having them custom made. With a variety of fabrics on the market, you can select the color, texture, and pattern that works best with your style.

Curtain panels not only help to absorb sound they also cause the eye to take note of the height of the room and add a bit of dimension to any space. For added drama, softness, and sound absorption consider installing curtain panels in your loft.

A well thought out approach to decorating your loft is a must for aesthetics and functionality. Select multifunctional furniture, make the most of the vertical space and add curtain panels to add softness to the space.

Need assistance with decorating your loft? Call or text Ann Schamberger at 713-703-8258. We would be thrilled to team up with you to create a modern loft with style and function.

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