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Coastal Modern Design Guide

When considering the coastal modern style for a home, I start with the basic color story that reflects the nature of coastal living. Soft hues that embody the tones of the ocean becomes a first point of reference. Next, incorporating the diverse neutrals that are displayed in the sandy beaches helps establish a calm background where touches of hues that are visible in a majestic sunset complete the coastal color palette.

A more successful look is subtle. No longer are the days of the cheesy nautical look. Creating a classy coastal modern feel would include accessories that reflect nature. A huge photo of of waves washing over the beach would take precedence over generic wooden beach signs or metal lizards displayed along the walls. Instead of seashell trinkets that reflect the textures of the coast I like to install lighting with texture. My favorite resource for lighting that carries an array of texture comes from vendors like Made Good and Palecek.

Chandelier by Pelecek

The coastal look has evolved over time – no longer does it mean overstuffed furniture. Now more sophisticated, clean, modern lines and simple décor that feels fresh is at the forefront of good design. This can be established by utilizing furniture that continues to add texture. Fabric and textile selection is important as well. Coastal modern is at its best when solid fabrics are mixed with a few textured fabrics to carry out a peaceful, relaxing space. If you want to energize your space, all it would take is a few pops of brighter colors in pillows and accessories.

March Annabel Hassock from Palecek

Function is also a major component. With each design, I thoughtfully consider the needs and lifestyle of my clients. If it’s your winter condo or full-time residence, your space should meet or exceed your expectations. For example, the style and material of throw rugs can aid in the function of a space. Rugs

that are made from viscose add beautiful shine, yet stain easily. Sisal rugs are functional but may not be the softest feel under your feet.

Seating arrangement anchored on a striped rug by Beth Lindsey Interior Design

And while function is important so are the undertones in everything from tile, flooring, furnishing, fabrics, and paint. Too many undertones in one space create a chaotic feel. From my training with Maria Kilam ( I learned that no space should carry more than three different undertones. The same undertones should be carried throughout the house for a more cohesive look.

Need assistance with decorating? Call or text Ann Schamberger at 713-703-8258. We would be thrilled to create your new space in coastal modern design or explore a look that fits your personal lifestyle.

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