Ann Schamberger
Ann Schamberger

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Meet Ann, Principal Designer

  • How I began

Although I have been practicing my passion for design all my life, over the past 10+ years I turned it into a business. I started with staging homes for resale before beginning my education at The Art Institute in Houston, Texas. During my time there, I earned my Associates in Interior Design along with my Associates in staging. To continue my knowledge in the design community, I also received a color expert certification with Maria Killam. I am always trying to expand my experience in the design industry so I can be the best designer for each of my clients.


  • A few of my favorite things  . . .

When morning arrives and the sun goes down I find myself enjoying life outside of design by reading (usually books about design :)  )  , working out, attending Bible Study, and enjoying a glass of red wine with family and friends.  

  • It’s All In the Name

Ann Schamberger is my full name.  As a previous elementary teacher I learned quickly that people have a difficult time spelling AND pronouncing my last name (“Schamberger” rhythms with “hamburger”).   :) When I ventured out into the design world I had to come up with a name for my business that reflected who I am yet was easier for clients to remember and spell.

So . . . Ann P. Brennan Interior Design arrived from combining my first name with the first names of my two sons.

Ann- my name

P.- Preston my older son of 26 (yikes I feel old now)!

Brennan - is the name of my younger son who is 24.


  • Did you know that raising children is much like design?

Raising children, like design, is a process.  It takes time, dedication, deliberate intention, and passion.  


  • How do like to spend your leisure hours?

There are only so many hours of the day and only a few of those are left over to spend on doing something we enjoy. Why waste that precious time coming up with your own design?

Let us at Ann P. Brennan Interior Design save you hours and costly mistakes. Learn how below!


How Can APB Benefit You?

No more long hours browsing the internet to locate just the right piece of furniture, art piece, rugs, or accessories

  • APB uses her knowledge of vendors to land on the perfect item that does not look just like your neighbors.


Anxiety over selecting hard surfaces will be no more

  • The "No Do Over" decisions are critical to every project.  Once flooring, backsplash, and countertops are installed there is no turning back.  These items are major cost elements that you want to get right.  APB has experience in selecting hard surfaces that will work cohesively together and not compete for attention.

Purchasing furniture and accessories that don't work in you space will be a thing of the past.

  • Size and scale of each item in your space is important.  APB understands this and is deliberate when selecting chairs, art, accessories, and lighting for each room.


No "Painter's Regret"

  • Why spend time going back and forth to the paint store for samples only to pick a color that you regret.  APB can help you get it right the first time.  Ann was trained under the well known Color Expert in the field of design, Maria Killam.  Ann is able to narrow down, and select, paint for a room that does not compete with the other undertones in the space. 


Kimberly Gerhardt

"Ann and her team at Ann P. Brennan Interior Design were wonderful to work with and they helped transform my home vision into reality. I especially like that she is willing to work not only FOR you but WITH you, and because of my limited budget I prefer to be very involved. This is not true of all designers, but you can trust Ann to really listen to her clients and deliver in every way. Ann is also very creative and has expertise in making both interior and exterior color selections, and is patient to ensure her clients are completely satisfied. Ann went above and beyond accommodating my busy schedule and adds the extra touches that count. I would highly recommend Ann P. Brennan Interior Designs!"


Janet Willey

"Ann was a delight from the moment she introduced herself to me and my Aunt at her retirement apartment. I had read about Ann and her design business in the Houston Chronicle article written by Diane Cowen. My Aunt liked the article and what the retirement ladies had to say about their lives and downsizing. My Aunt wanted to re-do her the dining room. Only keeping a few of her treasures. We didn't contact Ann right away, it was going to take some getting ready to move to the new place. Ann set up time for initial visit to see what type of things my aunt would like to see in her place. The set up a time to go shopping for furniture and to help see what would work best in the space. Thanks, Ann!


Melissa Collier

"Though Ann is a seasoned, knowledgeable designer, working with her is so pleasant you'll feel like you're spending an afternoon with a good friend. Her assessment and visualization skills are excellent. What ever the challenges, she makes use of space that is magical! One of my favorite things about Ann is her capability of improving a space utilizing existing materials. This helped us hold down costs without sacrificing amazing results. We loved her work and will contract her again in the future."